Tan Tran interviewed at RTX


Tan Tran, one of GameSalad's founders and Studio Director, discusses GameSalad at the Rooster Teeth expo.

GameSalad joins STEM Solutions Conference


This week, the GameSalad team joins more than 2,000 leaders and visionaries in business, education and government at the Austin Convention Center to participate in the 2013 STEM Solutions Conference sponsored by US News & World Reports (read...

Introducing GameSalad Mac Creator 0.10.2 Beta


GameSalad Mac Creator version 0.10.2 Beta is live - introducing a new ad monetization feature for our Pro users, as well as many engine optimizations across the board.


Mobclix ( is a new ad monetization feature for Pro users to...

Hello GameSalad Developers!

We're always happy to provide new and exciting opportunities to our community, and this is one that we couldn't possibly pass up. With a prize of $25,000 and a 1 year Pro membership, this game jam is the largest we've...

GameSalad at SXSW - 2013


GameSalad is proud to announce our SXSW schedule for 2013 ! If you will be in Austin for SXSW, we hope you stop by and visit us at the following events:

Event details:

Microsoft and GameSalad Happy Hour!

Location and times:

March 8th,...