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Congratulations to helloRobot, the GameSalad Game of the Month - January!

We are pleased to award this months Game of the Month title to the team of brothers and community veterans, Lycettebros

Normally when you think, "Game of the Month" you...

As we know, according to some, Mayan's foretold that the world would end December 21st, 2012. Researches located several tablets that detailed the year 2012... and the meaning was (sort of) clear. But what they missed at first was an additional...

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Ice Cap Games, GameSalad's publishing arm, is excited to announce the release of five new titles offering Ice Cap's take on old favorites and new all debuting with Windows 8 support.

Featuring a selection of classic arcade and casino-style...

One of GameSalad's strengths is its unparalleled ease of use. This has proven to be a tremendous asset in the classroom for teachers and students alike as classes adopt and utilize GameSalad as part of their curriculum. It has also sparked many...

Introducing Windows 8 and Windows Store Support

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GameSalad is pleased to announce that we have joined with Microsoft to bring Windows 8 App Store publishing to GameSalad Creator in advance of the launch of Windows 8 in October!

The Windows 8 Store is an incredible opportunity for the GameSalad...