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Engine Optimizations

This release includes many new optimizations to the existing engine, bringing you a more enhanced experience over all platforms. Improvements in memory usage and frame rate have been added, in addition to fixes improving the existing infrastructure.

Note BookRelease Notes

Release Notes, GameSalad 0.10.3


New Features and Optimizations:

  • Added JDK7 support for Android APK signing
  • Removed broken GS pool allocator and enabled default LuaJIT allocator – better memory usage (smaller memory footprint) and no crash when out of memory.
  • Disabled threaded loading of assets - this improves framerate and removes flawed threading implementation until it can be re-architected. The previous implementation was buggy, and actually caused your app to be considerably slower in regards to FPS rather than providing any true enhancement
  • Tweaked garbage collector step size – better framerate, memory management
  • Optimized mutator name storage/computation – better framerate
  • Removed function calls in table library – better framerate

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed UDID references (Apple)
  • Fixed finding Android SDK causing Creator to hang
  • Fixed target thread for loading textures to avoid “White actor” issue