Last updated on: 1-22-2014

Ever want to know what we’re working on here in the GameSalad kitchen?  Well, now you can!   This page contains a birds eye view of what we’re doing now and in the near future.   We’ll be keeping it up to date and calling out important changes in our weekly State of GameSalad forum posts.   Keep your eyes peeled.

This list isn't exhaustive yet.  We'll keep updating and refining it.  Feel free to give us feedback on the forums!

In Progress

Here's a list of what we're working on right now in priority-order:

Fixing Nightly Build Bugs

UPDATE:We're still working through the bugs in the latest nightly builds. Things are improving in leaps and bounds! If you're Pro, feel free to check out the latest nightly build to see where we're at.

Release 0.11.0

UPDATE:Once we've stabilized the latest nightly build we'll pinch of 0.11.0 and get it into your hands. Our ETA on this keeps shifting as we work through various issues in the latest code. We'll hopefully be able to provide an accurate prediction in the next week or so.

Ad Provider Updates

The latest nightly build has Chartboost and Revmob implemented. Some web publishing work is happening now to allow you to enter your own API keys and take advantage of these new ad networks in your own apps.

UPDATE: The web work is nearly finished. It's in QA now and getting the necessary integration testing before we can release this to you. More info in the next week or so!

Cross-platform Creator

UPDATE: We're deep in the design & prototyping process for a new and improved cross-platform creator. We've engaged the services of a highly competent UI design firm that uses GameSalad regularly to work with us on this project. We've also hired an additional game developer veteran to help lead the charge on this. We're making good progress and may have a working prototype by the end of March. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this exciting development!

Windows Creator Improvements

We've been making good progress fixing bugs in Windows Creator. Most recently are some issues related to saving projects and potentially losing data. Release of those fixes is on the way!

UPDATE: We've actually got Windows Creator ready to go into coming nightly builds. We've also updated to the latest Qt to improve preview performance. Keep your eye on the nightly build forum posts to see when this is available.

Public Facing Bug Database

We've settled on a public facing bug database and are working on importing and organizing the existing bugs into it. More news soon!

UPDATE:We've got a Redmine instance up and running are are importing our bug database into the new system. Work on this is somewhat stalled as the folks responsible are prepping for the FETC conference at the end of this month.

Async Multiplayer

UPDATE: This feature is live in the nightly builds and folks are working with it. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Native Engine Optimizations

Ongoing optimizations on the native Lua engine are continuing.  We've got a bunch of general engine optimizations waiting patiently for release in the next nightly build.

On top of these general optimizations, we're also working on a new art pipeline for the engine that supports sprite sheets and draw call batching.  This is going to be a huge win performance-wise.  Especially for games that have large numbers of actors on screen!  This is in progress but is going to take some time to cook.

UPDATE:The engineer working on this is making excellent progress. Batching is ready in the latest builds of the engine. We're now finalizing how we're going to handle this feature in Creator. Work on this feature is temporarily on hold as we churn through the nightly build bug list and prepare 0.11.0 for testing.

Coming Up Soon

We're not working on this stuff yet, but it's right around the corner:

Project Obfuscation

We've got a new feature on the schedule that helps better obfuscate your projects once released to the public.  This will reduce the size of your published games and make them harder to reverse-engineer.

Creator Improvements

We have a host of small bug fixes and Creator improvements we need to get worked out soon.  Once we come up for air, we'll push some of these out into nightly builds.

Appboy Integration

We've got a deal with Appboy to provide segmented push notifications and an in-game customer support tool for you.  It's on our short list to bite off integration of this system soon.

Specify Sound / Music Name Using Expression

Have you ever wanted to play a sound or piece of music using an expression to compute the name? Well once we tackle this task, you'll be able to!

Longer Goals

Here are some things we're noodling on for longer-term release:

More Advanced Features

As we complete some of our more fundamental engine optimizations a whole array of potential new features become possible.  Here are some of the advanced systems we're planning on implementing longer-term:

Animation Support

Sprite-based animation is cool and all, but we can do better.  We aim to support third-party animation tools like Spriter and Spine.  Basically allowing you to author and import animations from these tools and use them in your game.  The result?  Higher quality animations with less memory use.

Particle Support

Our particle engine is pretty nice, but it could be nicer.  We aim to support third-party particle system editors like Particle Designer 2.0.  Are you sensing a trend here?  Adding support and integration of more third-party content creation tools will really help you level up your games!

UI Framework

We're looking to add proper custom font support and basic UI widgets to Creator and the engine.  This will help you make new interfaces more rapidly and with less work.

Improved Physics

Our physics support is really good but it could be better. We're planning on adding joint support, constraints and custom physics shapes in the future.

Improved Multi-resolution Support

One pain point for game developers is readily handling multiple target resolutions for their universal binaries.  This is especially true in fragmented markets like Android.  We're working on the design for a system to help address this problem so you can build your game once and have it "just work" on multiple resolutions.

Engine Extensibility

We're spending quite a bit of time here considering the best approach for opening up the engine for third-party extension.  It's important to us that we allow capable developers to get access to the engine and add new features to it.  Be that native support for device-specific features or custom behaviors.  Imagine folks sharing plugins and behaviors with each other on Marketplace and you're starting to see where we're going with this.

We're approaching this in three ways design-wise:

Native Plugins

Adding support for native plugins (written in C++, Objective C or Java depending on platform) is high on our list for extensibility.  We want to ensure that folks have the option to extend the engine in useful ways using their native language of choice.  When complete, this will allow you to move logic into native code when desired and access otherwise inaccessible platform features without us having to write that code for you.

Scripted Behaviors

Opening up the Lua scripting layer to allow more advanced developers to create their own custom behaviors is high on our list as well.  We've been making some progress on this front already.  Can't wait until it's ready for you!

Visual Behavior Creation

Extending Creator to allow for custom and reusable behavior creation is another way we may solve this problem.  This could potentially replace the idea of scripted behaviors.  We need more design noodling on this before we can be sure.

Metrics Gathering Opt-out

It's on our list to provide an option for paying customers to opt out of our anonymous metrics gathering system.