Last updated on: 2-17-2015

Ever want to know what we’re working on here in the GameSalad kitchen?  Well, now you can!   This page contains a birds eye view of what we’re doing now and in the near future.   We’ll be keeping it up to date and calling out important changes in our weekly State of GameSalad forum posts.   Keep your eyes peeled.

This list isn't exhaustive.  We'll keep updating and refining it.  Feel free to give us feedback on the forums!

In Progress

Here's a list of what we're working on right now:

Graphene SDK

Previously referred to as the “Cross Platform Creator”. This is the new SDK that we’ve been working on, and will be “GameSalad on steroids”. For more info, check out this forum thread and to sign up for the beta head here.

Stable update to version 0.12.20 for Mac

An update to 12 was pushed out a little while back! The main focuses of this release are improvements to Mac GameSalad Creator in Yosemite as well as iOS 64 bit support.

Release 0.13.0 for Mac

We recently put out a release candidate for this version! This release will include gamepad support and cause publishing to Kindle will allow your apps to be played on Amazon Fire TV's! There’s a forum post with more info here.

Release 0.14.0 for Mac and Windows

When these releases come out, Windows version of Creator should be on par with the Mac version feature wise! Some much awaited features will be included in these releases: AdMob integration, PlaysTogether support, the new renderer, and some memory fixes!

Public Facing Bug Database

UPDATE: This has been out for awhile and can be found at for those who missed it!

Async Multiplayer

UPDATE: We plan on having full PlaysTogether support in the 0.14.0 releases for both the Mac and Windows versions of Creator! This will allow the creation of asynchronous multiplayer games. One of our develpers (Steve Jakab) did a talk on how to use PlaysTogether at our January monthly meetup. You can find the recording on YouTube here

Coming Up Soon

We're not working on this stuff yet, but it's right around the corner:

Release 0.15.0 for Mac and Windows

This release is planned to have bug fixes, a dashboard for the Windows version and possibly even a new dashboard for the Mac version! We also plan on having Windows native binary publishing available in this release as well!

Longer Goals

Here are some things we're noodling on for longer-term release:

More Advanced Features

Custom Polygonal Collision Shapes

When this is done, you’ll be able to create custom polygonal collision shapes for Actors in your apps! See the feature request at

APK Expansion Files

Games will be allowed to have up to an additional 2gigs worth of storage per APK when uploading to Google Play when this is done! See the feature request at

Custom Font Support

The ability to import custom fonts to be used in the display text behavior. See the feature request at

Metrics Gathering Opt Out

This will allow our educational app creators to opt out of our anonymous metrics gathering system! See the feature request at

Access to Device Local Country and Language

When we add this feature, there will be new device attributes to determine Country, Language, OS, and device model. See the feature request at

Specify Sound / Music Name Using Expression

Have you ever wanted to play a sound or piece of music using an expression to compute the name? Well once we tackle this task, you’ll be able to! See the feature request at

Google Play Game Services

This will allow the creation of leaderboards and achievements for Google Play apps! See the feature request at