GameSalad in the News: GameSalad Featured in Mobile Development Textbook

A new textbook, written by Kimberly Unger and Jeannie Novak, has been introduced to aid developers in the mobile game development.

is the first entry in a series solely focused on mobile gaming. The book features instruction on popular tools, production tips, game art, design, and programming. The textbook also covers multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Java ME, and Blackberry formats. Successful mobile development companies are featured including GameSalad, Headcase Games, Appy Entertainment, ZeniMax, Spacetime Studios, 2K Games, and Digital Chocolate.

“With mobile games, you can try anything, experiment with a new type of gameplay, kick the tires on an unusual type of storytelling or test out an all-new gameplay mechanic,” says Kimberly Unger, co-author and CEO of indie mobile studio Bushi-go.

“We wanted Mobile Game Development to give students the kind of solid foundation they need to launch a career in an industry that is evolving and innovating on a weekly basis.”

The textbook is available for purchase on Amazon.

Source: Pocket Gamer