unshine- Here Comes the Sun: GameSalad’s November App of the Month

Congratulations to Sunshine – Here Comes the Sun, the GameSalad Game of the Month for November!

Developed by the Quantum Sheep, Sunshine – Here Comes the Sun is a delightful arcade-style shooter. The gamer plays the role of the sun and the goal is to banish sadness by strategically shooting down grumpy clouds. Be careful and don’t hit friendly dragons or nearby castles and your high scores will be handsomely rewarded with a set of whimsical, wearable achievement hats!

Hailing from London, England, Quantum Sheep is an industry veteran with over 16 years of experience in game development. He also has a background in retail, journalism, and marketing. Starting out in the industry, Quantum had many inspirations, sharing that:
“As a child, Star Wars fired up my imagination. I wanted to be in those scenarios. To play them out. Fly an X-wing. Shoot the bad guys etc etc. Games expanded on that. The pixels on the screen were crude, but immersed me in their worlds. I made my first game for a school project on the wonderful ZX Spectrum.”

Before discovering GameSalad and the ease of drag-and-drop game development, Quantum Sheep worked as a game designer on several well known releases including a GameBoy Advance game, three Nintendo DS games, and PC MMO.

Quantum Sheep has previously been known for great GameSalad games such as Air Supply – 1bit Run and Gravitrixx. He prefers to develop games that are retro with a modern twist. Quantum’s passion for retro elements is pervasive throughout his games, notably evident in his signature chip tune soundtracks. It comes as no surprise that in his spare time, Quantum makes chiptune music with LSDJ on one of his many modified Gameboys.

Michael Agustin, GameSalad’s Chief Product Officer, said about Sunshine, “This is why I love our community and this is why we set out to make GameSalad. The world needs more fun, innovative games like Sunshine.”

Speaking on his inspiration for making games, Quantum Sheep shared that following three things motivate him: “music, the world, and wanting to bring a smile to people’s faces.” It is clear to see, that Sunshine – Here Comes the Sun will bring a smile to many faces.

The game is currently available for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 and $1.99, respectively.