Redemption: The Challenge made with GameSalad

GameSalad is partnering with Eden Films Ltd and Precog Studios to create the interactive comic experience for Redemption: The Comic.

Redemption combines traditional comic book narrative with elements of point-and-click adventure gaming to explore the adventures of action heroine Elizabeth Grey who is caught in the middle of the millennia-long struggle between Heaven and Hell.

Logo Redemption

The first chapter of the comic, Redemption: The Challenge, plans to launch early 2012. In Redemption: The Challenge, Elizabeth Grey begins her journey as a fallen angel. The story will follow her epic quest for forgiveness as she struggles to save humanity from her demonic former masters.


Redemption Variant Clean A Redemption: The Comic was recently previewed to the public at Austin Comic Con. Billy Garretsen, Lead Game Developer at GameSalad, along with Rolf Mohr, the Art Director and Concept Artist with Precog Studios, were on hand at Austin Comic Con to deliver demonstrations and speak with comic enthusiasts about the upcoming project.

Billy Garretsen shares:

“With the GameSalad platform, we have primarily focused on games. But what is really exciting is how much more it can do. By partnering with Eden Films on the Redemption comic book, we are showing how GameSalad can be used to enhance the traditional comic book narrative and open up development to a whole new audience.”

Adding to the excitement of the event, comic fans were also treated watch the development of a variant art cover drawn by Billy.

To view the process for yourself, check out this Youtube video showing the art development process behind the variant cover for Redemption: The Comic. Concept art images can be found on the GameSalad Facebook page and the GameSalad Deviant Art page.

Make sure to visit the Redemption website to recieve updates about the upcoming comic series. Signing up for the mailing list allows you to receive free downloadable art and be the first notified when the comic hits the App Store.