11 year old uses GameSalad to Help Kids with Cancer

Conner Flipflopgames 1
Conner Haines is not the typical eleven year boy. In rural Pennsylvania, Conner Haines spends his free time developing apps with GameSalad. Better yet, he spends his time and app development skills by offering app development services for free to any child (ages 5-12) with cancer.

Conner’s idea to help children with cancer came from his personal experiences with the disease. His older sister was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 2 and a half years old. Miraculously, she has fought cancer for nearly seven years and is now, thankfully, living cancer free. Inspired by her battle against cancer, Conner has dedicated his time and energy to helping other children fighting the same battle. His inspirational project is called BElieve.

Interested children can visit the Flipflopgames website and print out the iPhone app template pages. From there, they can draw their ideas on the template screens, scan, or take a picture of them and email their work to flipflopgamesbelieve@aol.com. The only specification, Conner asks for is that “the idea for the game is not too hard for me to develop…I’m only 11 years old.” To make sure he is spending his energy on helping those in need, Conner also asks that interested applicants also fax/email in a copy of their cancer diagnosis.

Using GameSalad, it takes Conner two to three months to develop the game and publish it into the iTunes App Store. The games are also available for online play via GameSalad Arcade with HTML5 functionality. Children have the choice of making their app free or paid, however Conner asks that if it is a paid app, then all profits will be donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Here at GameSalad, we are inspired by Conner’s selflessness and creative use of the GameSalad development tool. We wish him future success with all of his apps and hope that his apps bring inspiration to the many children that are fighting against illness and disease.

Source: AppAddict