CheeseMan: GameSalad’s Game of the Month January

Gotm Banner Jan 2012

Congratulations to CheeseMan, the GameSalad Game of the Month for January!

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Developed by Hicham Allaoui, CheeseMan is a fun homage to platformer games of the past. Inspired by Super Meat Boy (and with the blessing of Team Meat!), CheeseMan was born. In the game, players guide Cheeseman through 42 challenging levels to defeat the evil Professor Mousky. CheeseMan navigates through saw blades, spikes, and cannon balls to advance.

“CheeseMan is the best action platformer I have played made with GameSalad,” says Billy Garretsen, head of Game Team One. “I am a huge Super Meat Boy fan and to see someone get that level of tightness and responsiveness without writing a single line of code is pretty amazing!”

CheeseMan has been featured by PocketGamer, receiving the Silver Award, and Kotaku. Earlier this month, GameSalad sat down with Hicham Allaoui to discuss his career, the development of CheeseMan, and how they got the blessing of Team Meat for their project. Read our in-depth interview here.