Bowl Boy Fan Art Staff Favorites

Over the course of Community Love Week, we received 50 incredible works of art. We were absolutely blown away by the level of talent and passion that exists within our community.

Last Friday we were happy to announce GameSalad developer @EnterSimon as the winner of the Fan Art Contest. His Bowl Boy rendition received an amazing response via Facebook and he gathered the most Facebook “Like” votes. He is an extremely deserving winner and created a fantastic piece of fan art.

Bowlboy Simon Alexander

Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to give a shout out to some of the entries that caught our eye, recognize them, and say thank you for their contributions to this contest.

Without further ado, here are some of our staff favorites: 


Chris Kokkinos @GreekSalad

“I really love how clever this one is, as it really is imaginative and absolutely dead on with it’s illustrated breakdown of the GameSalad creator. I almost feel as if this could be a draft illustration for a GameSalad commercial. Bravo!”



Matthew Lyon- House @SaladStraightShooter

“I loved how his artwork tied in so many different components and created characters out of everyday devices. It really gave the impression that the artist sees these possibilites – and being a fan of old school RPG’s, seeing Bowlboy as a warrior flanked by a party of adventuring iPad’s, Androids and iPhones really sealed this one as my favorite.”

Bowlboy Ashtmj Art


Lauren Myers @LaurenSalad

“This Bowl Boy came in as a last minute entry and I was sad that it didn’t have as much time as the others to get the recognition it deserved. To me, this is a perfect and awesome Bowl Boy fan art submission. It is funny, nostalgic, and really resonates with our gamer driven community. I am a HUGE fan of Link to the Past and when I saw this art piece I could literally here the sound effects going off in my head. This is fun and definitely one of my favorites. Great job!” 

Link8 Bit


Cooper Welch @Coopaloops

“Bowlboy and his band of leveled up dungeon heroes get ready to take on the gaming world in my personal favorite submission for the Bowl Boy fan art contest. This piece takes the cake for creativity – I absolutely love the characterization of GameSalad’s publishing platforms as fantasy rpg characters. Watch out evil undead gaming industry, because the iPhone is about to hit you with his +5 divine morningstar of justice. Also, the ‘stache on the iPad is an especially nice touch. Well done sir.”

Bowlboy Ashtmj Art


Jack Reed @SaladPuck

“This is fantastic for several reasons. I think the main reason I love it is because even though I have no clue what’s going on here, it’s clearly of an epic nature.”

Natzuur Bowlboy Contest