Mumble Jumble: GameSalad’s Game of the Month March

Congratulations to Mumble Jumble the GameSalad Game of the Month for March!

Gotm 3 March2012


Developed by TshirtBooth, Mumble Jumble is a fun, fast paced word game. The object of the game is to unscramble as many five letter words as possible without running out of time. The game has two player modes, Endless Mode and Blitz Mode. In the Endless Mode, the player is challenged to unscramble each word in less than 20 seconds. Blitz Mode has players completing as many words as possible in under 2 minutes.

This game is surprisingly challenging and a lot of fun. The five letter word limit allows plenty of diversity in word choice and a great deal of variety on difficulty.

“By far my favorite TShirtBooth games to date,” says Billy Garretsen, head of GameSalad’s Game Team One. “My favoritism lies with Mumble Jumble as it is a more fluid execution of word building, but each take the concept in unique and fun directions. He, himself, has proclaimed his love of word games and it shows. Can’t wait to see what he does with writable tables!”


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GameSalad sat down with TShirtBooth last month to discuss his development career and the development of Mumble Jumble as part of his “One Year” game development project. Read our in- depth interview here.

Mumble Jumble is available on iOS for download for 99 cents. Download it today!