Zig Zag Zombie: GameSalad’s Game of the Month July

Gotm 7 July2012

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Developed by Matt Udvari (@hotmagic), Zig Zag Zombie is a challenging new look at mobile puzzle gaming. The game mechanics features a unique top-down billard approach, where players drag various monsters around to set up shots and destroy their enemies. The fun comes through working out a trail and error shots to find the best path to bounce the monsters, utilize special character capabilities, and make use of the environmental elements.

This game is a great example of innovative physics technology and breathes new life into both the zombie and puzzle genres of games.

“Zig Zag Zombie is really enjoyable,” says Chris Kokkinos, Game Designer with GameSalad’s Game Team One. “The cross between the fun art style and all of the creative puzzles, the game really just draws you in.”

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Matt Udvari recently sat down with GameSalad for both a podcast recording and a developer profile interview on the GameSalad blog. Udvari is an Austin game industry professional and has been developing with GameSalad for the past year. In our collective interviews, we discuss his background, inspiration for game design, and the development of Zig Zag Zombie.

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