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Today, we’re launching GameSalad Creator for Mac 0.10.0 Beta. Included in this release are some much needed fixes, along with a powerful new feature – Web Publishing – that will greatly increase the speed, reliability, functionality and flexibility of publishing with GameSalad Mac Creator. Concurrent with the release are a number of other changes, which we’ve worked to message out to the community over the last week.

Web Publishing for Mac:

Previously available in the Windows test bed environment, Mac users are now able to utilize Web Publishing. Web Publishing will offer a smoother experience and a much more powerful way to manage your portfolios, including access to archived versions of published projects and grouping cross-platform games together by title.

The transition to web publishing brings several important changes to the community. Most notably, in order to manage our web and server resources, we will sun-setting the ‘old publishing’ system. GameSalad Mac users will have 30 days to upgrade to 0.10.00. It is important to know that games published through the old publishing system will not show up in the new web publishing game portfolio. In order to bring your previous games into the new portfolio system, we encourage users to republish games under the new web publishing system.

New Dashboard & Community Templates:

Also, as previously discussed with 0.10.0 we will be introducing a new Dashboard in Mac Creator. Moving our publishing flow to the web required us to drastically alter the way Creator and our publishing servers speak to one another. Unfortunately, this has also affected the way the dashboard accesses the servers where Community-built templates are stored and processed. As a result, access to the full library of Community- built templates is temporarily unavailable.

Changes to Kiip:

As announced last Friday, we have removed Kiip services and behaviors from the Creator and publishing flow. Kiip will continue to function in games already published through October 31, 2012. Final payments for Kiip will be processed by the end of the calendar year. For more info on the removal of Kiip, please view our forum announcement.

New Version Numbers:

You may have noticed we’re using a slight different numbering system with this release. This changes’ intent is to bring both Mac and Windows creators into closer alignment. For example, you will be able to tell when tools are compatible if the middle number is the same. Most important, however, is that this change does not alter the timeline to “GameSalad 1.0” in any way. For more info on the changes to our Version numbering, please read our Forum post here.

Mac OS X Support:

In keeping with Apple’s requirements, after our next official release we will no longer support Snow Leopard or older OS’s. This also means that all 32 bit support will be dropped, and users must utilize a 64 bit processor going forward. As this is Apple mandated, we hope that you understand the necessity behind this change, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Key Fixes:

GameSalad Creator for Mac 0.10.0 Beta also includes a number of fixes. Notable fixes include: Mac App sandboxing, iPad retain and Mac retina icon fix, Mac OS X retina support, and Kindle resolution support (black bar issue).

A complete list of all fixes and changes can be found in our full Release Notes. We’re also still hard at work at our Native Code engine, as well as continuing the tweaking and migrating of our Windows Creator interface into the Mac Creator.

Where Do I Go:

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