Nigerian Foundation Teaches Kids with GameSalad

One of GameSalad’s strengths is its unparalleled ease of use. This has proven to be a tremendous asset in the classroom for teachers and students alike as classes adopt and utilize GameSalad as part of their curriculum. It has also sparked many learning initiatives by organizations and foundations the world over, fostering growth through education and the spirit of creativity.

One such outreach is that of Oluseyi Akindeinde, a businessman from Nigeria who, joined by his wife Bisola, head a foundation called the Bisola & Olu Akindeinde Foundation that gently introduces kids to programming, computing and entrepreneurship using GameSalad.

“In Africa, the opportunities are somewhat limited,” said Oluseyi, “so we hope to give these kids a chance to actually learn something that can be put to good use even after the program.”

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The foundation, which is self-funded, holds competitions in addition to the classes they provide, offering prizes like iPads as well as monetary rewards as encouragement to participate. Oluseyi and his wife see this as a way of giving back to their society and enriching the lives of the children they’re able to reach. They hope to increase their efforts and include even more children with bi-annual events once they are able to acquire additional sponsorship from local businesses.

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GameSalad is proud to be a part of education and outreach like Mr. Akindeinde provides, firmly believing that everyone’s life can be empowered through education and creativity.

To learn more about GameSalad’s education curriculum, or if you are interested in special pricing for educators and students, please follow the links below!