GameSalad Creator Mac Beta 0.10.1: Overscanning

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Hello Everyone,

Today we’re launching GameSalad Mac Creator 0.10.1 Beta. This release includes many needed fixes, support for the some of the latest devices like the iPhone 5, as well as a much-anticipated new feature that ties into this added support – Overscanning.



The device market is ever-changing, with new devices and resolutions becoming available almost monthly. To address and account for this going forward, we’re introducing Overscan. Overscan chooses the best fit for your project based on varied device aspect ratios, without distorting game assets. This ensures projects will be full screen on every device. Based on user feedback we also implemented a method to disable this feature as needed, allowing for forced letterboxing on legacy devices, giving you the flexibility to determine what better suits your individual needs.

App signing improvements:

One of the largest issues to arrive with the previous release of Web Publishing was the somewhat confusing portions’ of the interface. Issues like, “Error Code 3” highlighted the need for obvious improvements of the supporting systems. As a result, we are introducing better error messaging, improved feedback on publishing progress (upload/download bars) as well as publishing flow automation. We hope this improvements help to clarify and enhance your publishing experience, as well as giving you (and us) the information necessary to resolve issues faster and get back to what you do best – game development!

Key Fixes:

This release also includes many notable fixes detailed HERE.

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