GameSalad’s Pro Windows 8 Holiday End o’ the World Game Jam!

As we know, according to some, Mayan’s foretold that the world would end December 21st, 2012. Researches located several tablets that detailed the year 2012… and the meaning was (sort of) clear. But what they missed at first was an additional stone tablet foretelling the details of a contest made with a tool made of Salad. Leading researches soon determined this means GameSalad. The tablet went on to describe that Windows 8 would be the platform, as well as details about the rules and prizes.

And so, in accordance with ancient prophecy…

GameSalad 2012 Windows 8 Holiday/End o’ the World Game Jam

…has BEGUN!

If quasi-pseudo “experts” (like that guy at the gas station who talks to aliens) can be believed, the world may very well end on December 21st. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have an awesome Game Jam right up to the End! Who cares that the world’s foremost Mayan researcher has long since debunked this ludicrous myth as a misunderstanding of how Mayan politics worked… we’re going out with a bang!

The Game Jam will run from today (at the time of this post) until Friday, January 13th, 2013. That’s FRIDAY the 13th – a fitting end date for the End o’ the World Game Jam! Details are as follows:


  • Platform: Windows 8 – Games must be designed and created for Windows 8. As such, entries are limited to Pro users.
  • Theme: Submitted games must follow one or a combination of the following themes: The end of the world, The Holidays, Mayan myths/legends.
  • Work must contain NO copyrighted material that you do not hold ownership of. Anyone utilizing copyrighted materials will be immediately disqualified
  • Teams: Studios/teams are allowed, but no more than one grand prize will be awarded, and only one prize per team.
  • Submissions must be in Windows 8 format.
  • Submission: The publishing link from your web publishing portfolio is to be submitted in lieu of a file.
  • To be considered, games must be technically sound and functional. Repeated crashes will disqualify the entrant.
  • Submissions will be judged using the following criteria: Playability, functionality, creativeness/art style. Games may be disqualified if they do not satisfy any one component.
  • Denial of entry or rejection of submission, for any reason, is at the discretion of GameSalad.
The first place winner of the Game Jam will receive:

A Samsung Series 7 Slate PC!

Other prizes may include: (TBA)
  • Pro Membership extensions
  • GameSalad Swag
  • Potential promotional and marketing opportunities for your app with GameSalad

To be included in the contest, simply post HERE! Development progress is optional – sharing is caring, ya’ll! Remember, the deadline (if December 21st doesn’t pan out…) will be JANUARY 13th, 2013. All entries must be complete and submitted by that date to be considered for the grand prize!