2022 Game Creation Challenge Results!

The results are in and we have 3 winners for the 2022 GameSalad Creation Challenge! This year’s judging was tough with a number of close calls, but winners were needed and winners were selected!

Games were judged on originality, design, and lack of bugs! There were High School and Middle School divisions as well as team and individual competitions for each. Our second year of competition, this year’s winners received cash prizes, t-shirts, and GameSalad Pro licenses!

First up, we have a number of notable games that didn’t win, but their fun and creativity warranted honorable mention! 

Honorable Mentions

High School team Meatbag Games from Southside High School in Ft Smith Arkansas brings us Claustrophobia: Into the Lungs of Hell, a survival horror game that we’re still puzzling over! Play it here: https://arcade.gamesalad.com/games/165330

Next up, Ridge Colquitt, also of Southside High School captured our hearts (or maybe stomachs) with Burger Builder! Play it here: http://arcade.gamesalad.com/games/165996

And now, on to our winners!

These students captured top prizes in their respective competitions, bringing us games that were largely bug free, well designed, with solid and fun game play!

Winner – Middle School Individual Challenge

Austin Zgoda of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ is taking home the scholarship prize for the Middle School Individual game creator with “The Legend of Purple Chicken: Power of the Poultry”. In the game, you control the titular chicken as they flap their way around spikes on a journey home(?). Play it here: http://arcade.gamesalad.com/games/167499

Winner – High School Individual Challenge

9th grader Soren of Douglas High School submitted the top game in the Individual Challenge with their charming platformer Alien Adventure. The game’s polish, including in-game tutorials and a world map made it the best game in a very close field. Play it here: http://arcade.gamesalad.com/games/165449

Winner – High School Team Challenge

Team Waterdrinkers from Southside High School in Fort Smith took home the High School Team Game Prize. Consisting of Dang Nguyen (9th grade), Christian Rawley (10th grade), and Matthew Senetho (11th grade), their tower defense game Resist the Unknown, lets you take control of Resistor Force as you protect Murica’s precious mineral asteroid! Play it here: http://arcade.gamesalad.com/games/165395

Congratulations to all the winners and a shout out to ALL entrants for meeting this year’s GameSalad Game Creation Challenge!

To learn more about how to bring GameSalad into your classroom, visit: https://gamesalad.com/education