GameHunks Podcast Episodes 9 and 10

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GameHunks: Episode 9: Going Indie: The Jay-Z Story

In this episode of GameHunks, Cooper and Chris are joined by GameSalad Community Manager, Lauren. Together they talk about the indie game movement and today's gaming culture. Specifically, what motivates game devs to leave big studios, enter the indie waters, and follow their passion projects with smaller studios. Also, while discussing how social rap battles could be the next wave of the future for interactive marketing, we discover that Cooper has unbelievably never heard of Jay-Z. It is CRAY. Listen and Enjoy!

GameHunks: Episode 10: Where Have All the Cheat Codes Gone? 

In this episode of GameHunks, Chris and Cooper are once again joined by Hunkstress, Lauren Myers. They discuss cheat codes of the past, where they've gone, and what they look like in the mobile space of today's causal games. We learn that Lauren is sad that her dad never bought her a Game Genie, Chris really wanted to figure out that Lara Croft cheat code, and Cooper couldn't get his Super Scope to work.