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Recently, we debuted two powerful new features with the launch of GameSalad Creator 0.9.90: Tables and iOS In-App Purchase. Today, GameSalad introduces Creator 0.9.91 , which brings to you our first two monetization partners: Kiip and PlayHaven. In addition to these new revenue channels, GameSalad 0.9.91 also removes the GameSalad Splash Screen for Basic members .

Games published under Basic accounts will now include an interstitial game referral screen instead of the GameSalad splash screen. The game referral screen will appear between the developer's custom splash screen and the initial scene for the game or application. This referral screen will be included in all games published under Basic accounts going forward. Initially, we will refer games from 3rd party networks like PlayHaven, but over time, we intend to use the GameSalad referral network to bring additional distribution opportunities to GameSalad developers. We'll have more to share on this in the near future.

We understand you've probably got a lot of questions about PlayHaven and Kiip, and we've got a lot more info to share.


PlayHaven is an optional monetization feature for our Professional developers that displays a pre-game referral screen encouraging users to download other games from within the PlayHaven network. PlayHaven referral screens appear pre-game, but post splash screen. So, for games in which PlayHaven is enabled, players will see the developer's custom splash screen, followed by a PlayHaven game referral ad. Players may choose to ignore the ad and continue with the game, or click the ad in order to install the referred app.

Professional GameSalad developers will receive PlayHaven's standard revenue share of 50% of gross revenue on all ads redeemed. To be clear, GameSalad does NOT take any portion of the revenue that you would have otherwise received under a standard developer relationship.

PlayHaven also works on a cost-per-install model, which means you get paid when a player installs and launches an app from the referral screen. CPI networks tend to have higher payouts when compared to CPM and CPC models.

For more detailed information on PlayHaven, please take a look at our GameSalad Cookbook documentation on PlayHaven, located here.

In addition to PlayHaven, GameSalad is also introducing Kiip for Professional users.


Kiip is an achievement based reward system that provides rewards for your players from top-tier consumer brands like Pepsi, Carl's Jr., Amazon, Best Buy and more, while generating an incremental revenue stream for your game. For instance, when a player unlocks an achievement in your game, Kiip can reward them with a burger from Carl's Jr., or a gift card from Best Buy, good for use online or in store. Kiip works closely with agencies and brands to curate inventory of these rewards while ensuring the best user experience.

In an effort to help empower you to unlock retention and engagement benefits in your game, Kiip enables you to identify which achievements can be "rewardable". When you set up Kiip Achievements for your game, you have up to 1000 points to attribute to various achievements (similar in style to XBox Live Achievement Points). Individual achievements can vary from 20 to 100 points. Achievements with larger point values allows Kiip to determine the importance of that moment and provide the most appropriate reward.

Kiip splits net revenue with developers 50-50 on a payout per reward redeemed. As a result, higher redemption rates that result from meaningful achievements and "moments" that are identified help increase your game's integration potential. GameSalad developers will receive the standard 50% rev share from Kiip-enabled games. To reiterate, GameSalad does not take any portion of the developer rev share.

Kiip works on both iOS and Android platforms, but rewards are currently restricted to within North American markets. For more details on Kiip technology and best practices, please take advantage of these excellent documentation sources, put together collaboratively by the Kiip and GameSalad Cookbook teams:

GameSalad 0.9.91 is a very exciting build with lots of benefits for both Basic and Professional users. We've also got a lot more coming, as our development team pushes to complete the other projects outlined by Steve in his December letter, including the major performance upgrade of our engine, Game Center Achievements, and Read/Write Tables.

For now, enjoy GameSalad Creator 0.9.91 and continue doing what you do best - making incredible games!

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