Hello, everyone!

Today we're launching GameSalad 0.9.94, a new version to address issues encountered with the recently released 0.9.93 version. Included in GameSalad 0.9.94  is an update to the way PlayHaven operates for Free and Pro users, as well as a major Game Center fix, resolved issues with Resolution Independence for iPad, and an improved experience within the Viewer.

The biggest change is certainly with PlayHaven performance. First, PlayHaven interstitial ad stubs will no longer appear in the Viewer or Previewer. This was done originally to showcase all the areas where PlayHaven ads could show up. Upon revisiting the experience, we decided it best to remove the ad stubs to provide a better test environment.

In addition, we revisited the way PlayHaven operates for both Basic and Pro users. With GameSalad 0.9.94, interstitial ads will no longer be present in games published with Basic accounts. Instead, we will only place the small "More Games" button on the developer's splash screen before gameplay starts. This will be the only PlayHaven placement in Basic users' games.

We still see the potential value of well-placed interstitial ads and will continue to offer them to Professional users, where they will have the option of placing them during Scene changes of their choice.

GameSalad 0.9.94 also includes a long list of fixes and improvements. Most notably, we've corrected issues with Game Center and Resolution Independence, both of which are now working wonderfully.

For a full list of fixes included with 0.9.94, please take a look at our full Release Notes.