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Today we are excited to announce the launch of two original titles, published by Ice Cap Games, in association with Kevin Smith's SMarcade, and developed by Powerhouse Animation and GameSalad’s own internal development team, Game Team One. The games feature pop culture icons Jay & Silent Bob as they make their Apple App Store debut in Too Fat To Fly and Let Us Dance, available on iPhone and iPad.

These two titles, along with an updated Battle Legend Infinity, mark the debut of our publishing arm Ice Cap Games. We created Ice Cap as a way to promote premium mobile and web content, focusing on top tier quality games that benefit from our proprietary distribution technologies and expertise in designing, marketing, distributing and monetizing successful mobile and web games.

Ice Cap will source the majority of its titles from games built on GameSalad technology, and built by members of the GameSalad Community. High quality games are eligible to be published by Ice Cap, and any GameSalad developer is encouraged to submit great games for consideration.

Selected developers will receive exclusive access to custom enhancements still in development, including advanced analytics, cross-promotion technologies, back-end services, access to our native code engine, and other cool features.

In addition, games published by Ice Cap may also receive assistance from our internal game team to integrate sophisticated game mechanics and monetization features such as virtual goods and virtual currency storefronts to optimize the game’s performance and player engagement.

Do your games have what it takes to be a part of Ice Cap? Keep your eyes peeled for more detailed information in the coming weeks on how to submit your games for consideration.

We’ll have more to share about Ice Cap in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

About the Games:

Icon Fff

Jay & Silent Bob in Too Fat to Fly is a challenge-based physics game, where players assist Jay in launching Silent Bob through various environments such as a shopping mall and the streets of New Jersey. Through the completion of challenges, players have the opportunity to unlock special features and upgrades, including new costumes for Jay and Silent Bob. Players can also unlock the extra content by purchasing virtual coins within the game. In celebration of the games launch at San Diego Comic-Con, Too Fat To Fly also features special edition character skins of “Zombie Jay” & “Zombie Silent Bob.” Too Fat to Fly is available for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Icon Kjd

In Jay & Silent Bob in Let Us Dance, it's breakdance party time with two of New Jersey's favorite residents. Jay's got the moves, and Silent Bob brought his classic boom box full of funky tunes. It's up to you to keep the rhythm and help Jay prove to the rest of Jersey that he’s King of Breakers. Let Us Dance is a match-based rhythm game, challenging players to match colored-button presses to the beat of the music in an effort to prolong Jay’s acrobatic dance moves. The game comes with three unique styles of music, and provides addictive gameplay like only the View Askewniverse can. Jay & Silent Bob in Let Us Dance is now available on the iTunes App Store for free.

Links to Download:

Get Too Fat To Fly for iPhone or iPad
Get Let Us Dance! for iPhone or iPad
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