We are excited to introduce a new feature to the GameSalad community, the official GameSalad podcast. The podcast will be moderated by GameSalad employees and will cover topics such as retro gaming and other gaming enthusiast topics.

In this pilot episode of GameSalad's Official Podcast, we interview videogame rock cover band The Descendants of Erdrick, who star in GameSalad's recent title, Battle Legend Infinity. Together with BLI designer/director Billy Garretsen, the group discusses their love for retro games, and the challenges of bringing that love to life through music.

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Billy Garretsen shares that "working along side the Descendants of Erdrick - a band dedicated to celebrating the games that shaped us all - really made this project a labor of love and a true homage to the 8 and 16bit era while still keeping a modern spin."

To listen to Garretsen and the Descendants of Erdrick speak about Battle Legend Infinity and their love for retro gaming click the embedded SoundCloud player below.  

About Battle Legend Infinity: Battle Legend Infinity is a love letter to the video games of our childhood - a retro-inspired campaign of endurance, strategy, and wits. The game is a fast paced endurance battle in various locales against hordes of enemies inspired by the games of the 80's and 90's. The heroes in the game are the Descendants of Erdrick, Austin's premiere video game rock cover band.

Battle Legend Infinity is available now for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad users running iOS 4.0 and higher. Get it now on the iTunes App Store.

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