Overscanning chooses the best fit for your project based on varied device aspect ratios, without distorting game assets. This ensures projects will be full screen on every device. Based on user feedback we also implemented a method to disable this feature as needed, allowing for forced letterboxing on legacy devices, giving you the flexibility to determine what better suits your individual needs.

Web Publishing
App Signing Improvements

Web Publishing, though powerful and flexible, had some admittedly confusing portions’ of its interface and error responses. Issues like, “Error Code 3” highlighted the need for improvements of the supporting systems. As a result, 0.10.1 introduces better error messaging, improved feedback on publishing progress (upload/download bars) as well as publishing flow automation.

Note BookRelease Notes

Release Notes, GameSalad 0.10.1


New Features:

  • iOS 6 support - With iOS 6, Apple made many under-the-hood changes to basic functionality. We've incorporated these changes to enable GameSalad games to run on iOS 6 devices
  • Xcode 4.5 support-
    This Xcode must be used to publish for iOS6.
    NOTE: Apple deprecated the ability to publish to devices running an iOS version older than 4.3 with Xcode 4.5.
  • Resolution Support
    • Overscan - To keep up with the ever changing device market, we added over-scanning to our publishing engine. Overscan chooses the    best fit for your project on varied device aspect ratios without distorting game assets. Overscan ensures projects will be full screen on every device.
    • Overscan Preview - We've added an additional drop down menu to preview. Now you can choose 'Crop' (overscan) or 'Letterbox' in preview to see how your app will look published on various aspect ratios with and without overscan. This provides our users the convenience of published multi-platform foresight. Now users can verify visual compatibility with various platforms before submitting to app stores. Included, is the ability to add custom device resolutions to preview.
    • Viewers - Both iOS and Android viewers have a new button to toggle overscan on and off.
    • Web Publishing additions - When your ready to publish your application, simply select 'Overscan' or 'Letterbox' in the web publishing flow to indicate how you would like your app to be published. For the Mac OS X platform, this option only applies to an app viewed in full screen.
  • iPhone 5 resolution -
    • Added to the Platform drop down in Creator.
    • iPhone 5 splash screen
  • Mac Retina Support - GameSalad Creator now runs properly on Mac Retina desktops and laptops without graphical distortions.
  • App Signing improvements-
    • Better Error messaging - Improved error messages and console output have been implemented for all platforms.
    • Improved feedback on progress through the publishing pipeline - Upload and Download progress bars complete with 'time remaining'.
    • Post publishing flow automation- The signing process now requires minimal interaction. We automated most of the signing process and added a pop-up notification for our Mountain Lion users so you can focus on more important things….like game development!

Bug Fixes:

  • Web Publishing: 'Download' on Mac App platform downloads a zip that contains a 'Contents' folder, not an unsigned .app
  • Mac OS X installer pkg contains the downloaded 'OutputX' file name instead of the .app name.
  • Fix for purchased assets dragging into library.
  • Signing into Creator when attempting to sign an app stops the download but continues to show the downloading xib.
  • Signing process becomes locked if user signs in during download.
  • Android signing: Users are able to select 'Next' without entering a password for their keystone
  • Mac App Signing: Users are able to select 'Next' if they do not have a signing certificate.
  • Crash: Creator crashes if no Certificates are installed during the signing process.
  • Selecting 'Publish' to launch Application Loader on the congratulations xib opens finder but does not point to package.
  • User who is not signed into Creator when attempting to sign an app shows no provisioning profiles error.
  • User who chooses not to 'Replace' an app by selecting 'Cancel', is booted out of publishing.
  • Various Retina Macbook fixes/features.
  • Keyboard does not pop up immediately when triggered.
  • Fixed the inability to add assets into the library via drag and drop