What's New in GameSalad Creator 0.11

Over 240 Bugfixes

Our largest update ever! Over 240 bugfixes and improvements, optimizations and refactors. All of which means a more stable development experience, fewer app crashes, and more tools to help you make great games!

Network Behaviors (PRO only)

Use network behaviors to send and receive data with almost any kind of server. Build asychronous turn-based games or client-server apps, store data remotely, or sync with your own data server. It's all possible with new network behaviors.

New Monetization Options (PRO only)

Two new cross-platform ad networks (Chartboost and RevMob) mean more ad inventory, more control, more profitable games.

Looping Behaviors

New Looping and Loop Over Table behaviors can dramatically reduce the complexity of your projects and increase performance! What used to take dozens of behaviors can now be done with one or two.

Text Display & String Function Enhancements

Display text relative to an actor or a scene with new text display parameters, and enjoy new substring, replace, and find functions that allow for complex string manipulation.

Rendering Optimizations

A major overhaul of the image rendering code means major performance improvements in particle rendering and reduced memory allocation throughout.

New Multitouch Attributes

You will no longer be in the dark as to which touch event is being used, you can now identify which of the up to 11 simultaneous touch events is currently active!

Custom Loading Wheels (PRO only)

Extend your branding and design by replacing the default loading wheel with a custom image sequence of your choice.

Plus other great features!

  • · Table Related Functions - New table related functions will help make table usage even more powerful. You can add several values in a column together or search rows or columns for a particular value with lightning speed in not only development but at run time too.
  • · Change Scene Behavior Upgrade - You can now select a scene by a specific index, drastically reducing logic complexity for scene changes.
  • · Google Play Tablet Support - PRO users can now set minimum SDK level, enabling Tablet app support on the Google Play store.
  • · Stretch Mode support
  • · More powerful rules - Two expressions can be compared as a criteria for a rule.
  • · Flexible OpenURL - You can now define your URL with an expression, allowing you to customize your link during runtime.