Windows 8

Windows 8 Scales

Unprecedented user reach & engagement across a wide variety of different devices.

Windows 8 makes it easy for your app to scale across desktops, laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, and more.


670M Windows 7 licenses – all upgradable to Windows 8
4M copies of Window 8 sold in 3 days following it's launch (10/26)

As of October 2012

Unprecedented Reach

Store & Apps in:


Buy from:


Local pricing & settlement:

70+markets (including top 40 by GDP)

Windows Live Tiles


A brand new Windows 8 feature that allows end users to have a cool icon of their favorite applications (your game!) on the Modern UI desktop. Tiles are the front door to your app, and can entice an end user to come back again and again to your application or game.

Windows Snap Pause

Snap Pause

Ever play on a tablet device and wanted to quickly check that email just to make sure it’s not important? With the new Windows 8 Snap feature you can quickly move your game aside for that quick peek or completely pause the game, bringing up a secondary application that can operate along side.

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You've probably got some questions. That's why there's this collection of questions you might want to ask. Oh, and check out the answers in there as well.

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GameSalad offers an incredible support network, focused not only on helping people make the best use of the Creator, but on making them better game designers. Period.