The Unicorn Apocalypse is Upon Us -
Will You Be Ready?

Creating a Unicorn Apocalypse is no easy thing. It takes skill, determination and knowledge of secret, now-lost arts. Join GameSalad and GameSpot for the opportunity to create your own Unicorn Apocalypse game. With a little sweat, and rainbow unicorn blood, you could win $25,000 by entering the Unicorn Apocalypse Mobile Game Contest! But hurry… the hoof beats of doom are growing ever louder.

Note: For US residents only, 18 or older, VOID where prohibited.

  • Creating Your Apocalypse

    Participants must utilize GameSalad Creator to design, create and submit their game with a valid account through the GameSalad website.

  • Forewarned is Forearmed

    Learn how to develop in GameSalad, the fastest way to create your own Unicorn Apocalypse. Follow the links below to arm yourself with the knowledge you'll need to bring your twisted creation to life:

  • Assets for the End

    It's not a Unicorn Apocalypse without unicorns. Follow the links below and you'll be sparkling in no time:

Join the Unicorn Apocalypse... Before It Consumes You.

Submitting your apocalyptic offerings is easy. First, be sure to register yourself with your valid GameSalad account email at GameSpot. Then you're ready to design your game in GameSalad Creator for Android. When you've completed your entry, publish the game through the web publishing portal. Then click the "START THE UNICORN APOCALYPSE" link, and you're entered to win.

Publish Your Game.

By clicking on the orange "Publish" button, a pop up window will appear with a status bar showing the progress of the upload of your saved game project. Once the uploading is finished, you will be taken to the web publishing page.

Note: All GameSalad accounts, both free and Pro, can submit and be considered for the Game Jam.

Start the Unicorn Apocalypse!

When you are ready to submit your final project to the Unicorn Apocalypse Mobile Game Contest for a chance to win $25,000, click on the "START THE UNICORN APOCALYPSE" link.

Submit Your Game.

Be sure to include the title, a game icon, at least one screenshot, and a YouTube link to your gameplay video. Once you have all of these, click on the Submit button, and you're entered into the Unicorn Apocalypse Mobile Game Contest! Good luck!

To complete your entry, please make sure you've also signed up on GameSpot's site using the same GameSalad account email.

See Visions of the Unicorn Apocalypse!

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