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  • Create games fast with no coding
  • Test your games on target devices
  • Publish your games to multiple app stores
  • Monetize your games with PRO membership

Create Your Games

There’s no faster or easier way to develop games than with GameSalad Creator. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, its visual drag & drop interface and deep behavior library make game creation fast and easy. Bring your work to life in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

Drag & Drop

Importing your own art and sound is as easy as dragging them from your desktop. The same goes for applying game behaviors.

Behavior Library

Create complex actions from a long list of established game behaviors. Apply them easily to multiple actors.


Create innovative game mechanics in all sorts of genres using our fully integrated physics engine.


Test Your Games

Testing is paramount for turning a good game into a great game. You can play test your game logic and behavior using the built in preview, or right on your target device to get it perfect.

Test on Device

Connect your target device to GameSalad via USB or Wireless and instantly play your game on your phone or tablet!

Real Time Stats

Get accurate and vital statistics on your game's performance.

Test on the Road

Store recently tested games on your device and show them off anywhere.


Publish Your Game

GameSalad’s web publishing system allows for fast and easy cross-platform game publishing to all supported targets, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Tizen, Windows 8 and Mac desktop. You can also publish your games instantly to GameSalad Arcade - powered by HTML5 - and make them accessible to more than a billion people!

iOS and Android Publishing

Make your game available to more than 1.5 billion devices worldwide. Get your game on the iTunes and Android app stores in no time.

Web Publishing with HTML5

The GameSalad Arcade allows you to publish to web, and makes your game as easy to share as a YouTube video.

Update Web Games Instantly

Update your web titles, no matter where they are embedded. One update to GameSalad Arcade pushes across the entire web.

Fast Compiling

Follow the instructions and receive a binary, ready for submission to the app stores in minutes.

Instant Portfolio Integration

The content you submit will be seamlessly integrated into your online portfolio.

Intuitive Visual Flow

Craft your development portfolio to show off your skills at game creation. Share your talent with the world by taking advantage of our easy to use interface.


More Features, Monetization - Go PRO

What are the benefits of a PRO membership? Without it, GameSalad developers don’t have access to advanced features and can only publish to Arcade and the Apple App Store. Non-PRO member’s iOS apps will have mandatory interstitial ads included and receive no ad revenue.  PRO members get access to the full suite of monetization, publishing and social features with no mandatory ads.