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Case Study - Canutillo ISD

Full grade level of ~200 6th grade students enrolled in full year GameSalad course
~6,000 students in district, 70% economically disadvantaged, 29% LEP

What Teachers Say About GameSalad

Thank you for adding the Teacher Dashboard, combining the tutorials in the Creator, and making it step-by-step and easy for our students to navigate. My students are fully engaged and cannot wait to start a new game! Thanks again for listening to teachers and implementing our ideas, WE LOVE GAMESALAD!
Patti Griffin
CTE Teacher, Computer Science & Keyboarding
GameSalad’s low barrier of entry and powerful toolset is great for education. Students in my classes are learning the fundamentals of game design while actually designing their first game at the same time. Some have already taken on their own side-projects!
Mike Rodriguez
Game Design and Integration Instructor at MCAET
GameSalad has inspired my students to use their creativity. Each day, I see my students jump right into their games and strive to create something new and different. They are excited when their hard work pays off and they've created a workable, fun game to show their friends.
Andrea Carovillano
Technology Teacher at Monroe JH