Below is a list of downloadable GameSalad template files that vary from examples of how to accomplish specific things inside Creator to full example games.

The art, sounds and logic included in the templates below are copyrighted and as such, are NOT licensed for republishing or redistribution as-is. You MUST re-skin and/or modify the logic of the templates before publishing it as your own work.

Current Templates

Airship Defender

Auto-scrolling shooter game.

Big Top Blaster

Example use of physics through firing a canon.

Insect Intruders

Example game similar to Space Invaders.

Penguin Paradise

Example platformer game.

Game Team One Game Templates

Hex Words

A “Boggle“-style game with over 240,000 words and hexagonal collision area logic (via math).

Immune System Command

“Missile Command“-inspired gameplay on a microscopic level.


Top Notch Trivia includes all the sounds, art, logic and design that you need to build a world-class mobile trivia game.

Sod of War

An "Angry Birds"-style game, but with gnomes!

Name That Character

A picture or word clue based letter unscramble. Clues can be presented as words or images as set in the table.

Pizza Parlor

A “food maker” style game template that includes logic for loading and saving items and additional advanced functionality.

Toys vs Bullies

Toys Versus Bullies includes all the music, art, logic and design that you need to build a world-class mobile game in the style of Pop Cap’s “Plants vs. Zombies.”

Menus 1

Change Scenes with less logic. This menu template demonstrates an advanced, efficient menuing system for multi-scene games.

Menus 2

Slide in menus and slide or quick transitions.

Card Drawing

This template uses tables to keep track of the cards left in a draw deck as well as those cards which have been discarded which can be “re-shuffled” into the draw deck.

Crazy Ball Wall Breaker

Classic wall breaker game

Cyborg Cypher

Cyborg Cypher is a puzzle game featuring a cyborg that you must correctly program in order to solve each level.

Legacy Templates