Demo Quick Start Guide

Instructor Quick Start Guide

This video will help you get started fast: create a class, assign a game and invite your students to join.

Getting to Know GameSalad

The easiest way to get to know the platform is to start on the first tutorial by watching the videos for the Wizard Run.

  • Assign Wizard Run, “CS.1 Getting to Know GameSalad”
  • Visit the the creator tool ( and you will see the assigned lesson just as your students would.

To build a full project in GameSalad the same way your students will build, try building the first full game, Monster Maze, yourself. On average you can complete the project in 1-2 hours.  

This teacher training webinar explains GameSalad basics while building Monster Maze from a teacher’s perspective:

Or, you can follow the student-oriented tutorials in the Monster Maze Assignment itself.

Lesson Plans

Beyond the tutorials, there are complete Lesson Plans for teachers in the Teacher Dashboard. These detailed lessons provide supporting instruction for learning the concepts that are covered in the tutorial games the students are building. There are also additional lessons you can use to help students understand:

  • Digital Citizenship: Safely Navigating and understanding the Internet
  • Why Computer Science: The significance of CS, including the History of Video Games!
  • Capstone Game: Building a final project: an original game from the ground up, designed for small groups of students to work together.

Using GameSalad

Inviting Students

Send your Students one of these First Time Login / Account Creation videos to help them set up and Join your class.

Assignment Drawer

This video is oriented for students and shows them how the Assignments drawer will present the step-by step instructions they will be using.


This video gives some basic insight on how to help your students remotely while teaching GameSalad.

Publish to the Web

Your students can publish their finished games to the web with just a few click and then share the game’s URL with their family and friends to play on their browser!


Visit the support page to chat with our team or read FAQ’s, or email support@