What’s Next After Scratch?

What's Next After Scratch

Have your students outgrown Scratch?

GameSalad is the best way to teach programming in middle school. Our easy to learn visual coding interfaces is perfect for students looking for the next thing to learn after getting started on a system like Scratch, but aren’t quite yet ready to code.

With GameSalad you can teach programming and computational thinking without the frustrations of typos and syntax errors. GameSalad lets student focus on concepts and intent, which lets them build confidence as they complete their creations more quickly. The excitement students experience while building games with GameSalad is the perfect stepping stone to traditional coding or interactive art and design.

Teach Concept Transfer

Computer Science is constantly evolving and your students’ most important skill is learning to learn. GameSalad lets students transfer and apply concepts learned in Scratch in a new context.

Professional power at your fingertips.


Your students can use the same tool used by professional and hobbyist game developers to create over 65,000 games, including over 80 top-100 hits in the US App store, multiple #1 overall titles, and even a BAFTA winner! GameSalad is a commercial grade tool that is powerful enough to create complex, professional-grade games, yet simple enough to allow for creativity and self expression.

Break your student's games out of the browser!







The GameSalad Viewer App lets your students see their games running on Android and iOS mobile devices without the need to purchase a developer license or special device provisioning. Students can carry their games home on their own devices to share with their families and friends!

Already have an app store developer account? Your students can publish their games, just like the Pros!

Ready for the classroom.

With GameSalad’s comprehensive game development curriculum and easy drag-and-drop interface, anyone can teach fundamental computational thinking skills and computer science concepts, no CS background required!

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