Computer Science Education Week 2020

For teachers and their students, we are opening our GameSalad for Education platform for CS Ed Week 2020.

With GameSalad, your students will explore basic programming concepts while building their own video games! Students can share their games with family and friends to play online or on their mobile device or tablets.

Students will receive a two week license, Dec 7 – 20, for CS Ed Week plus an extra week to expand and polish their projects. Teachers will receive access from the date of sign up through Dec 31 so that they may have time to review the tutorials and their students work.

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up with the following form and we’ll create a GameSalad CS Ed Week Trial license for you. If you do not have an account, we’ll create that too! You’ll receive an email with further details.

Step 2: Choose

Choose from one of two projects for your students:

Wizard Run

Perfect for 4-5th graders

Starting from a partially developed game, students get to know the GameSalad platform.

Students learn about data types, conditions, and game level layout, while they design their own level with pre-programmed components.

Monster Maze

Perfect for 6th grade and up.

Students start from scratch to build a complete maze navigation and collection game.

A great starting place for more advanced or older students, student can further customize this game with their own images and sounds to provide a more personalized context and “story”.

Students learn about data types, conditionals, events, and incrementing values.

Step 3: Invite Students

When you sign up for GameSalad for Education, we will set up a classroom for you.

You can invite your students to sign up for your classroom with either Google Sign-In or have them create their own account.

Step 4: Learn, Build, & Customize!

We suggest working through the first few parts of lesson as a class, just so you can get in there and answer questions.

After that, your students can take off on their own to finish their projects.

Once they’re done, they have the tools they need to expand the games with their own art and sound!

Sign Up & Create With Your Students!