GameSalad 6-Weeks Game Challenge

Every 6 weeks we’ll be holding a mini-contest for a GameSalad game! For each 6 week period submit your customized version of the corresponding game and we’ll choose the best ones submitted by one Middle School and High School student!

Winners will receive a T-Shirt and a mention in our social media feeds.

Please check with your teacher if you are allowed to enter!

GameSubmission Deadline
Monster MazeOctober 10, 2022 October 28, 2022 (for Halloween!)
Fruit FallNovember 21, 2022
Good Tank v Bad TankJanuary 9, 2023
Pong / Monster MazeFebruary 20, 2023
Space Runner / Fruit FallApril 3, 2023
Top Notch Trivia / Good Tank v Bad tankMay 15, 2023

Entry Form