Turn Your Game Player Into A Game Maker

66% of children aged 8 to 12 play video games for an average of 2 hours per day

67% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing

Kids love to play video games. GameSalad can turn that passion for play towards unlocking new essential skills for the 21st century.

GameSalad allows anyone ages 10 & up to make their own mobile and web based video games. Our easy to use visual programming interface empowers children to gain confidence in their coding and problem solving abilities as they build games. 

A classroom in your home

Access the same GameSalad standards-aligned curriculum available to teachers across the world. Pace their learning with assignments, check their progress, and even guide your child through offline classroom activities that teach introductory computing concepts!

Children learn the fundamentals of computer science and computational thinking while building 8 different video games! Step-by-step instructions provide a path to learning something new.


Video game creation combines science, technology, engineering, math and art

Is your learner the next Mozart?

They can incorporate their own music and sounds!

Are they the next Picasso?

Draw or paint, sculpt clay, build things out of blocks! Just take a picture and pull it into your game! Or just let them go wild in MS Paint or Photoshop.

A curious Einstein?

GameSalad gives your creator the power of the Box2D Physics Engine and powerful programming expressions to perfect the logic of their game!

GameSalad grows with your learner, allowing them to move from step-by-step instructions to creating their own games from scratch!

Pro Tools for the Young Entrepreneur

GameSalad has been used by game developers the world over  to build hundreds of thousands of games! Your students can access the same tools that let them quickly build custom games and preview them on their iOS or Android devices!  

Upgrade your student to GameSalad Pro and they can even launch their app on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

Kuwaiti 14-year-old’s app hits 900,000 downloads

Eleven Year-Old Boy Uses GameSalad To Develop App Ideas For Kids With Cancer

Sixteen Year Old High School Junior Creates App

10-year-old entrepreneur with Type I Diabetes releases game “Pancreas Hero!”

12-year-old programs game for family design firm

Choose the best fit for your student!

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