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Self-Paced Game Design Curriculum for your Media Library

“GameSalad lets students take their first steps in coding logic easily and quickly, but it still has great flexibility and power for those who want to tackle more complex projects.”

Steve Floro

Perry Lake High School

“The look of the platform is very enticing, especially to kids. At first, they are like, ‘Whoa, we’re going to be doing this?’ And then it all just makes sense really quickly.”

Patti Griffin

Union County Public Schools

Start a Makerspace in your Media Library today!

GameSalad is perfect for teens and adults to try coding for the very first time as they rapidly build their own video games. The provided instructions orient the user to the platform. They can stick with the tutorial or go in their own direction at any time to create the games they imagine.

Self-paced projects with video instructions which administrated by the facilitator with GameSalad Web Creator curriculum, online platform access for Chomebooks, laptops and desktops. 

What is GameSalad for Education Web Platform?

For grades 5 through 12 and beyond,  users learn the fundamentals of computer science while building their own video games with GameSalad. More sophisticated than block coding, but free from heavy scripting, students love building and customizing games using our visual coding interface. 

Practice Game Design: GameSalad is a professional indie game development platform used by people all over the world. Our Library License provides instructions to users to help them quickly learn to create their own games. 

Online Tools to Engage Users and Empower Facilitators

With the features included in media library packages,

Users can…

  • View videos and step-by-step written instructions, perfect for self-paced study.
  • Import their own graphics and sounds into their projects.
  • Easily create their own games and learn universal computer science fundamentals.
  • Sign in anonymously or use Google Sign In.
  • Test and play their game as they build, ensuring their logic works as intended.
  • Format their finished games for submission to the app stores or web publishing.
  • Play their finished games directly on their mobile devices through the GameSalad Viewer App.

Librarians can…

  • Load their student’s projects and see or edit their work.
  • Control the tutorial content that the students see.
  • Contact GameSalad support for help with student games.

Tech Specs

GameSalad is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere: Desktop, laptop, or Chromebook.

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Google Chrome/Firefox
  • 2GB of RAM

See how easy it is to create games in GameSalad:

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