Claim your Metaversal Bowlbot!

As a current GameSalad subscriber you’re being granted a free GameSalad Metaversal Bowlbots NFT (a GSMB for short) as well as whitelist access when Bowlbot NFTs go on sale!

What can you do with a Metaversal Bowlbots?

Well, we’re not sure! We’re going to discover this together as a community!

We’re hoping to work together with you to build an ecosystem of games and infrastructure that will take advantage of the blockchain for GSMB community members!

To claim your GSMB, you will need a Polygon wallet. Don’t know what that means? Read on!

  • There are many block-chains where you can own cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, etc).
  • Ethereum is the current front-runner as the “standard” block-chain for NFTs. Its cryptocurrency is called Ether.
  • It’s currently expensive (both in terms of money and carbon-footprint) to conduct transactions on Ethereum.
  • Polygon is a block-chain that sits on top of Ethereum. It’s faster and cheaper, but is also compatible Ethereum.
  • To own an NFT, you need a crypto currency wallet.
  • Your wallet has an address, once we know this address, we’ll be able to send you the NFT!
  • Your wallet doesn’t only allows us to send you something. As long as the accompanying “secret key” is safe, your wallet is safe.
  • The only privacy concern with giving us your wallet address is that it’s no longer “anonymous”, as we have linked it to your email address in our database. So if you are concerned about protecting your privacy, you may want to set up another wallet to accept this NFT and then “buy” it from yourself later.

Follow these instructions and come back here!

Have your wallet address? Fill out this form so we can send you your very own GameSalad Bowlbot NFT!