GameSalad Game of the Month April: Ordinarium

Congratulations to Ordinarium, by Rittenhouse, the GameSalad Game of the Month April!

Gotm 4 April2012

For this month’s Game of the Month Feature, Chris Kokkinos (@GreekSalad) from GameSalad’s GameTeamOne has written a comprehensive review of Ordinarium and explains what makes this game anything but ordinary. 

Imgres 2

Ordinarium is quite far from what would actually be considered “ordinary” in my opinion. This quirky game has some absolutely stunning art, completely immersive sound and ambience, and most of all an enjoyable unique set of game mechanics.

The art was the driving force for me to buy this game. I took one look at it and had to have it. As an aspiring artist myself, I really strive to find a style that suits me, as the artist for this game, has found suited themselves. The art in this game, is slightly reminiscent of Little Big Planet meets the eerie environment from the movie “9”.

The music is ever-changing, as you hear music ranging from droney and creepy to quirky and fun, and it’s enough to really just give you this sense of being in another world filled with monsters and other creatures of the like. The sound effects are the perfect round off to add to the immersive experience needed for this game to really pull you in.

Imgres Imgres 1

The gameplay mechanics of this game, are very unique, as you’re a little monster fella, rotating around on a windmill-esque rotary contraption of sorts, and you have to feed on floating particles in the short amount of time you have and escape, before the time runs out or the evil monster lurking in the background spots you. The control set features a touch screen analog stick and a button at the bottom corners of the device. These controls are implemented really well into this game, but may be considered slightly sensitive to some players as you may accidentally relocate your character into a pickle when you’ve lifted your finger and placed it back down.

Overall, Ordinarium is definitely a good looking, great sounding, and enjoyable game that you should check out. It’s located on the iTunes App Store and is available exclusively for iPad for $0.99.

– Great price for an enjoyable game
– Unique artwork and game mechanics
– Easy to pick up and play

– The controls may seem a bit sensitive to some but it’s not enough to drive a user away!