A New Dimension of Play!

At GameSalad we’re never gonna give up looking for the next big thing in gaming.

With the increasing popularity of hyper casual gaming, we firmly believe that first person 1D is the next dimension in gaming!

Your prototypical hyper-causal gamer are constantly looking for new addictive, easy-to-play experiences.

With GameSalad First Person 1D technology, we take way horrible things that may get in the way of users enjoying your game: bad artwork, difficult gameplay, complicated control schemes.

 “Everyone is always thinking forward. Backwards is the new forward!”

– Anonymous Innovative Game Developer

With GameSalad Creator 1D, we make it extremely easy to build your own video games in first-person 1D video game!

Take a look at this example (excuse the debug info):

You can use the ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys to move forward and backwards. We also automatically change your view so you can see in the direction you are moving, seamlessly!

With our advanced 1D Lighting Engine, we properly simulate light in a 1D environment. Which is to say, light is at a constant intensity as light doesn’t diminish with distance in a 1 dimensional space.

We look forward to seeing what our creative community builds with this new technology. A top mobile game? A new hyper-casual metaverse? The line’s the limit with GameSalad 1D!

Watch a demo of our new GameSalad Creator 1D editor: https://youtu.be/4S3yxJHKBiE

Learn more about building your own video games quickly and easily with GameSalad: https://gamesalad.com/developer