2020-21 Contest Results

2021 Game Creation Challenge Results!

Best Game - Middle School Division

Click to play “Not-So-Heroic”

Andreas Meira, 7th grader at Oakwood Junior High in Ohio!

His game Not-So-Heroic impresses by combining elements of Flappy Bird with an infinite runner.

Playing a (not so) super hero, you must quickly click to stay aloft. But watch out for your stamina bar! Sometimes you need to switch to running on rooftops to recharge keep going!

Best Game - High School Division

Azriel Laster of Yeshivas Heichal Hatora in NJ.

His game Button Shooter was in a tight race for top game but won for it’s original concept and execution!

Hold down a button to charge an orbiting bullet. Let go at the right time to shoot down the incoming pentagons and stay alive.

We were impressed with the game’s completeness and original gameplay. Button Shooter could easily translate to mobile game with its hyper-casual appeal.

Click to play “Button Shooter”

Honorable Mentions

There were some great entries this year, here are a few highlights!

Click to play “The Big Mans Maze”

Bryan Karpinski, 10th grader at North Hills High School, brings us The Big Mans Maze.

Starting with the GameSalad Monster Maze tutorial, he expands the game into a big adventure with traps, deadly walls, killer seekers.

Each monster even has different strengths and weaknesses!

In the final level you face off against the titular Big Man himself and a challenging boss battle!

Tristan Sexton, freshman at Perry High School in Ohio, entered Alien Runner.

Playing a very cute alien, you run your way through this fun platformer, collecting jewels and avoiding other aliens out to get you!

While there were a few bugs that kept it out of the final running, we wanted to highlight the game for its cohesive art direction, tight controls, and fast gameplay.

Jared Eli Batista, 8th grader at Hasbrouck Heights Middle School created Coin Rush, also a coin collection platformer.

We wanted to include this game because the artwork is beautiful and it’s a great start for a platformer!

Our winners this year will be receiving 14″ Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptops!

All Winners and Honorable Mentions will receive 1 year of GameSalad Pro to help them continue on their video game development journey and a spiffy new “I Make Video Games” GameSalad T-Shirt!

Congrats to the 2021 winners and we look forward to seeing what comes in 2022!